31 July 2015

New Limited Edition BBQ Smokehouse Burger (McDonalds) [By @Cinabar]

I saw from an email McDonalds sent that they had a new summer special burger, so we made an excuse to go at lunch time. The new burger is called the BBQ Smokehouse. To be honest with the weather the way it is, it is at least a dry way to experience the barbecue flavour this year! :-D

The burger consists of a beef patty, salad, onions, cheese, maple smoked bacon and a good dollop of barbecue sauce. When I opened up the card container, I smiled as the bread is also very pretty. It is served in ciabatta but it was soft, easy to eat, rather than a firm version. They can be quite hard if you have ciabatta in restaurants.
I was impressed by how much fresh salad ingredients there were, and that the burger seemed quite large too. As someone who loves different textures, the crisp salad and crunchy onions were a lovely touch in this, but the highlight was the sauce. The flavour was sweet and smoky, and made this feel a bit different. Spectre’s favourite part was the maple smoked bacon. I think he’d happily have bacon as an addition to any burger. I have to admit the ‘maple’ smoked nature of the bacon is hard to pick up, but as smoky bacon goes is works really well. It was an excellent addition to the flavour set. The burger itself was moist and had a good rich beef flavour, and the cheese was nice too, it tasted like a proper cheddar and not indiscriminate burger cheese you sometimes get.
If you like barbecue sauce and bacon I would recommend giving this a try. You will need to catch it while you can though, as it is Limited Edition, and as such only available until 1st September 15.
By Cinabar

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