18 July 2015

New Guinness Golden Ale (Sainsbury's) [By @SpectreUK]

This rich golden almost amber ale was brewed as part of the Brewer's Project at St. James's Gate in Dublin, Ireland. They are on a quest at Guinness to investigate new and old recipes. This Guinness Golden Ale was brewed with Irish Barley and a selection of hops and Amber malt. I decided to drink it on my last night on holiday in Brighton this week. Though bereft of my beer mug at home I was left with the pathetic mouth washing glass from the ensuite (see photograph). Still we'd had a good time in Brighton. We walked up the remaining pier, (rather than swam up to the burnt down one) and then Cinabar had a Crepe and we walked back again. For pudding we had 99 ice creams for £2.95, and then Cinabar was mugged by a seagull which landed on her head and nicked her flake! Having said that the Sealife Centre is a must see, Volks Electric Railway was a jolly jaunt, and The Pavillion was beautiful inside and out (albeit a bit nuts). Oh, and I beat Cinabar at Crazy Golf! Lewes Castle and Pevensey Castle were both great to look around, and we had a lovely boat trip around Eastbourne Harbour.
Anyway, I digress... This 4.5% golden ale had a heavy maltiness with a light bitter fruity flavour from the hops, which was mixed well with the malted Irish Barley to produce an almost biscuity flavour throughout. I'd certainly agree with the label where it states that this Guinness Golden Ale has a "refreshingly crisp finish". This is definitely an ale to savour and worked perfectly well whilst I lazily people-watched from the seaview hotel window as sailboats bobbed on a calm sea and folk of all shapes and sizes enjoyed the gravelly beach. Tomorrow we go to Bovington Tank Museum. Te he... That should be a blast!
By Spectre

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