22 July 2015

U. Loveit Instant Tea with Tapioca Pearl (Vanguard Supermarket) [By @SpectreUK]

I wasn't sure of the name of this instant tea with Tapioca Pearl, but from the sugar content I quickly figured it could be the sweetest cup of tea I've ever had. When I pealed off the plastic cover from the cardboard cup and its plastic top I was pretty bemused by the contents (see photograph). The directions pretty much stated dump everything in the cup and add boiling water. A rather helpful warning on the directions mentioned; "contents hot after boiling water." It then went on to say; "When drinking, beware of hot beverage and avoid choking on Tapioca Pearl. Children under 4 and elderly should be under supervision when eating this product." This seemed like a pretty dangerous drink, especially to a sleepyhead who'd just woken up in a hotel room for his first hot drink of the day. Opening the packet's contents I noticed that the Tapioca Pearls were like hardened black peas (see photograph). They didn't look particularly appetising. There was quite a lot of the whitish instant tea powder, but that stirred in well. I suspected that the Tapioca Pearl were languishing somewhere near the bottom of the cup. Part of me regretted even putting them in. At least I had Cinabar close by to supervise me, although I'm not under 4 years old, but I am very close to being 40 (at the time of writing last week... Now 40) and the other students at university were always quick to remind me that is ancient! Although not particularly tasting of traditional tea, this hot drink was sweet (very sweet... VERY) and tasted more of full cream milk powder and sugar, with the mildest hint of black tea. The dried Tapioca Pearls had all sunk to the bottom of the cup but had become squidgy in the hot liquid and were difficult to chew. This drink was like drinking a super sweet hot cream filled with rubber balls. Cinnabar kept telling it was called bubble tea. I'd prefer the name bouncy ball tea. Not for me I'm afraid, I'm sweet enough!

Information on the cup;
Net weight 70g, with water 200g. 437 calories with 12g of fat and 54.3g of sugar.
By Spectre

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