23 July 2015

Triskys - savoury rice crisps - Spain [by @NLi10]

Sometimes you worry what you are going to get when you buy snacks abroad - but this assured me that it was !Los Auténticos! So my mind was put at ease.

I picked these up for cinema snacks in Spain and took them to see Jurassic World in Spanish. My Spanish is good enough to understand screams and dinosaur names so it was fine.

I did notice that these were gluten free and rice based, but that didn't really influence my decision. These, it turns out, are rather like a savoury breakfast cereal. Let that sink in for a moment - salty chereos, umami cornflakes - it's both disturbing and intriguing at the same time right?

The first few, I wasn't that keen on. I'd just been drinking something quite sweet and the juxtaposition didn't really sit that well. The automatic lizard part of my brain just kept on eating anyway and I was soon rather enjoying them.

The texture is much rougher than hula-hoops, and the crunch a little less because of this, but I'd still rate these as a genuine option. I didn't get to go back and see if there were multiple flavour options (salt and vinegar hopefully) but I'm fairly confident that they wouldn't have let me down.

Another nice supermarket find!

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