14 July 2015

New Limited Edition Cocktail Fancies (@MrKiplingCakes Sainsburys) [By @Cinabar]

Yesterdays review was cocktail themed, and quite coincidentally so is tonights. It must be one of the new summer trends? If you have seen a cocktail themed product on the shelves do let me know. I’ll have to keep any eye out.
Now these Fondant Fancies actually impressed me. Firstly there has been many “limited edition” fondant fancies over the years, usually notable for not being that exciting. Usually unflavoured, but with the theming being limited to the colour of the icing. Green ones at Halloween called Frankenstein Fancies but actually just being the usual vanilla in flavour. These new ones though introduce three new varieties, and are smartly packaged in a posh black box. A proper change from Mr Kipling.

The three new varieties are:

Peach Bellini Cocktail Fancies
I had to google the name sake of this Fancy, and its cocktail recipe is apparently peach nectar mixed with champagne or sparkling wine. The flavour of the Fondant Fancy was mild, but there was a distinctive hint of peach, and pleasing wine aftertaste. It was easy going and delicate in taste, with the vanilla it reminded me of peaches and cream.

Pina Colada Cocktail Fancies
I know which flavours should be present in this cocktail and both coconut and pineapple where there in ample amounts. The dominant flavour is the juicy pineapple, which is lovely and fruity, the sweet creamy coconut is present in the aftertaste. The flavours worked really well in Fancy form.

Raspberry Daiquiri Cocktail Fancies
This particular cocktail is made up of raspberries, lemon and rum. The Fancy tastes mostly of raspberry, and I couldn’t quite pick up on anything further but its gentle fruity flavour was still very pleasant. As I like raspberries, I did really enjoy this, it was a shame this was the one of which there were only two in the box. There were three of both the other varieties.

These are a very welcome addition to the Mr Kipling Fondant Fancies range, and I hope we get more variations like these Cocktail ones in the near future. These would be a perfect dessert after a barbecue or picnic, while enjoying a cool drink in the sun. I’ll certainly be snapping up another box or two of these before the summers out.
By Cinabar

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