3 October 2015

CloudWater Beer (@Beer52HQ) [By @SpectreUK]

Produced by Cloudwater Brewing Company in Manchester and very kindly supplied to me amongst seven other beers by Beer52, this 3.5% volume Cloudwater beer is part of their Summer range so catch it quick! Cloudwater is an interpretation of Saison or a French style of Pale Ale. The label on the bottle was a mine of information. Perle hops have been used for bitterness, whilst Eldorado, Willamette and Galaxy hops were used for aroma. Malts used were Best Ale, Wheat and Flaked Oat, whilst the yeast used was Belle Saison. The beer had a light floral smell with a wholesome wheatiness at the back of the aroma. This murky blonde beer was certainly big on flavour. All the hops seemed to have been pressing hard against a locked door. Each mouthful unlocked and let the door swing open as the hops piled on top of each other. The bitter hop fell in to start with, then the floral hops tripping over each other in a big pile with a crash bang wallop! There was a wheaty flavour at the end of the taste that stepped over the bustling hops and cheekily into the aftertaste. I hope Summer is not over for you folks, but if this is the starter I can't wait to try the other seven beers from Beer52.
By Spectre

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