9 October 2015

Trolley Bags (Amazon UK) [By @Cinabar]

I can't be the only person who had seen the advert for the new Trolley Bags on the internet. They seem to be popping up all over the place. With the introduction of the new bag charge which has just started hitting UK shops I thought I'd get myself a set to try out. Although there is an official website for the Trolley Bags I chose to buy them through Amazon, just because I’ve used it before.

The idea of these bags is that they pack neatly away into a roll, and sit on the back of your trolley as you do your grocery shop. When you have finished and put all your goods onto the conveyor, you then unroll the bags to fill the trolley so you can pack. This part works wonderfully, they look amazing in the trolley and so many people commented on how fab they look and asked where they were from etc. I've used them a few times now and even packed straight into them in Aldi which works very well. It allows you to pack straight into the bags, and enables you to keep up with the super fast till staff (well just about). The problem with them occurs after you go back to your car.
The bags are so very deep, that if you fill them passed half way the bags becomes very difficult to lift. I really struggled, and there weren't even that many bottles etc. The Trolley Bag must carry over double a regular carrier bag, and all that weight is on one handle. The poles in the handles, which make them hook over the trolley, are awkward to fit in the car boot. The next problem is also related to the size of the bag. If you have to carry them anywhere (even just from the car to the house) they touch the floor. The bags are long, and at my height (not tall but average for a woman) they need to be carried with the arms bent. Did I mention these bags are already heavier than regular bags, now add to that the fun of having to carry them in an awkward position. Sadly unless you are tall and very strong they are just a bit difficult to use.
By Cinabar


krnries said...

We won the trolley bags for shallow trolleys from Small Steps, and love them! Because they are shallower they are really easy to lift and because it's only a little shop I just pile them into the boot of my little polo. Last week the checkout assistant said they were the best bags he'd ever seen - they do get looks and comments :)

cinabar said...

Really wish we'd bought the shallow ones :-(