30 October 2015

New Cadbury Screme Egg Biscuits (Sainsburys) [By @Cinabar]

A few years back Cadbury decided to extend Cadbury Creme Egg season to start in the autumn with the introduction of the Halloween themed Screme Egg. No complaints there from me, I enjoy a Creme Egg whatever time of year and they tasted exactly the same only with a green coloured yolk.
Following on from that tradition Creme Egg biscuits have now been transformed for Halloween into Screme Egg biscuits. They follow the same formula, exactly the same as Creme Egg biscuits only with a green yolk instead of a yellow one.
The flavour is still spot on, plenty of biscuit and gooey fondant. There is enough taste of the fondant to shine through, but the biscuit flavour is there too. These are a nice seasonal treat and I'm looking forward to tucking into some more while watching a scary movie on Halloween night.
If they'd wrapped them in green foil they would have been perfect to give out to Trick Or Treaters too. The fact that they aren't individually packaged just makes it a bit more difficult to share out in that way. Of course if we have to eat them all ourselves, so be it. ;-)
Happy Halloween!
By Cinabar

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