14 October 2015

Sweet Potato Crisps with Smoked Chilli (Waitrose @Tyrrells) [By @SpectreUK]

I’m always looking for alternative snacks to crisps and nuts, although this is one of those occasions I may have overstepped my boundaries. These Tyrrell’s Veg Crisps were made from sweet potato. To be perfectly honest I’ve never liked sweet potato. Cinabar recently had sweet potato chips in a restaurant and I tried one then and still didn’t like them at all. “So why try sweet potato again (you fool)?” I hear you exclaim… well I do rather like smoked chilli, and I just can’t seem to find many other crisps flavours that have that flavour, besides, I’m always on the lookout for alternative snacks… Also you never know what you might like if you don’t give it a go, which is probably what this blog is all about. So without further ado I opened the packet to be treated by a rather lovely smoked chilli smell. The angry bright reddish coloured sweet potato crisps looked a little bit like they’d been frightened by the smoked chilli and some had curled up a little. They had a decent crunch as their skins had been left on during preparation. These Veg Crisps had a medium smoked chilli heat to them. They were very tasty and not really distracted by oodles of sweet potato flavour. In fact a sweet potato taste only surfaced in the aftertaste briefly and then was wildly fought off by the smoked chilli, which was leaving a pleasing burn in my mouth. Actually this sweet potato flavour strangely complemented the smoky chilli tang, making me truly like these Veg Crisps more and therefore proving the “you never know…”

Information on the packet;

40g packet per 100g has 493 calories with 31.8g of fat, 17.4g of sugar and 1.3g of salt. Ingredients see photograph.
By Spectre

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