29 October 2015

Halloween Blender Fun!! - #BlendActive [by @NLi10]

I recently acquired a blender - and halloween is the season for witches brews and odd concoctions so I decided to have some fun and make highly nutritious blended drinks that don't look at all appetising!

As you may have spotted - the theme is green

And as usual the star of the show is kale - super kale!

Here we have realised that the light stuff needs to go BELOW the heavy stuff to actually go near the blades.  I've been used to the old school drop-stuff-in blenders with the proxy pole so this is all backwards.  The apple goes in!

It looks like compost! The raspberries were supposed to add a ghoulish touch but they blended so much easier than the kale did so its a bit gardeny at this stage.

some vigorous shaking to put things in the right order and it starts to look smoother

it is however brown

the apple has decided to oxidise and without lemon-juice to prevent this the drink gradually got browner as time went on

I put this picture on Face Book and people were horrified.  It tasted great - kind of like a more liquid pudding and was like a really odd apple sauce.  It was drinkable but only just so I decided it was a Chooie (a chewy smoothie) 

Attempt two saw me put the grapes in first.  THEN the much lighter kale.

The Breville Blend-Active with gravity on it's side this time made a pleasing light green mush.  This tasted awesome and looked quite nice too. The brief was to make it Halloweeny though so 

in go the severed fingers (frozen raspberries)

This one has a lot more texture to it too, and does the wonderful odd clumping that blended fruit drinks do.  I took this to work and while no one offered to help drink it it was smooth enough and tasty enough to drink through the hole at the top.

A great result although not as scary as I'd hoped - I should have gone for beetroots,  pumpkin and other things to make a bright red and orange one! Maybe next time...

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Tarkytarks said...

If you add a little water to your smoothies they will blend up to a far smoother state where your body will be able to ingest the nutrients of the fruit and veg and you can drink it rather than eat with a spoon :-)