10 October 2015

Pimento Gingembre Ginger Beer (@Pimentodrink)[By @spectreUK]

Produced in Paris, this Pimento Gingembre or Ginger Beer (for those that can't find their old Tricolore book from school) was very kindly sent to us to try. It proudly states on the bottle that it is alcohol free and that it is a "very hot drink". After a long stint in the fridge I popped open the bottle and could instantly smell the fiery strength of the ginger. This excitable mid-brown drink bubbled fizzily into my waiting beer glass. I noticed there was a slight mistiness to the drink. I breathed in the fiery ginger again which tickled my nose hairs as I took my first swig. This drink instantly reminded me that I should drink ginger beer more often. So flavoursome and boy what a kick! I'd have to agree with the label, as this Pimento Gingembre is one of the hottest ginger beers I've ever tasted. The kick hit me straight away with every mouthful. Then the ginger boils into the aftertaste to linger for an age in my mouth smouldering. It's definitely a pick-me-drink, perfectly refreshing after an hour or two at the gym or to wake a lazy backside off the settee to do something useful... Like try and put out a fire!

Information on the label;
250ml bottle at 75 calories, and per 100ml has 0g of fat, 0g of salt and 7.1g of sugar. Ingredients included; carbonated water, citric acid, natural flavours, sweetener acesulfame K, sucralose, and colour: E150d.
By Spectre

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