16 October 2015

Terry's Chocolate Orange Pots of Joy Desserts (Tesco) [By @Cinabar]

The start of the Christmas products are arriving on shelves and with it the Terry's Chocolate Oranges. I said that simple statement at work and some people in the office said they associated the Terry's Chocolate Orange with Easter? For me their increased numbers have always been a sign that Winter and Christmas are on their way, I'd never considered them a Spring thing.
This however is not a ball of solid chocolate, this is a new dessert flavoured with Terry's Chocolate Orange. The pots are part of the Pots Of Joy range that we've seen produce the Cadbury dessert pots. Inside the pack are four pots, each of which is filled with an orange flavour dessert base and a chocolatey topping.

The taste was nice, I like the mix of chocolate orange. The chocolate topping was sweet and pleasant, and the base had a good juicy orange taste. These are nice and easy to eat, but not that exciting really. The magic of a Terry's Chocolate Orange is the whole shape and structure with its fun tap then unwrap set up. Obviously that doesn't carry over into this dessert so you are left with just a chocolate and orange themed pudding. At just 150 calories a pot they are tasty enough and without too much guilt, so I would buy them again. There just aren't quite as special as I had hoped.
By Cinabar

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