8 October 2015

Ginsters - Limited Edition Buffalo Chicken Sandwich (by @NLi10)

Lunches at work have been salad and fruit for a good few weeks, but sometimes time means I have to slum it and have a sandwich.  In those occasions I pop to the charity shop and get the meal deal where having the water and bad crisps subsidises the passable sandwiches (£3.25 on their own, £3.75 with both the drink and crisps!)

Yesterday I spotted this new Buffalo Chicken variety. I am familiar with this flavour sauce, even though I don't like eating Buffalo wings or other meat off the bone, but others seem less so. I was asked in the break room what a buffalo chicken was, and I jokingly explained it was the variety of chicken that buffalo wings come from. I think it was taken seriously and caused much confusion amongst the ladies. In reality the sauce is somewhere between hot sauce and BBQ and I quite enjoy it.

The chicken and salad are both fresh and tasty and the bread is interesting enough that I don't mind bulking up on it. The sauce is what makes this though and I want to have it on other things like hotdogs and burgers too - mmmmmm.

I actually had this again today, and still enjoyed it. There are other sandwiches in the limited range like chorizo but I think this Is my current favourite and worth the walk and steep asking price.

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