1 October 2015

Weetabix Protein Crunch [by @NLi10]

Man Cereal is a growth market - probably due to the amount of 'protein' in the stuff.

The smaller cereals must be making inroads as the larger companies have now started to fight back.

Today we have Weetabix Protein Crunch. I'm not entirely sure which bits are the brand and which bits are the name, but the box also says it has fibre and those added vitamins that are the wests primary source of vitamin D in the winter (and one of the reasons kids are recommended a good breakfast).

I'm not entirely sure where the magical protein (as opposed to the scientifically more realistic proteins) are coming from.  As any good nutritional book will tell you the human body breaks down these artificial things and turns them into the proteins it needs so broccoli is as good as steak for building body mass, but this is most likely to be cereal based.  Naturally it's chocolate flavoured because why not!

I wasn't sold on this at first, it's a bit too hard & crunchy! But on repeated mornings, now I know what to expect it's a fairly good breakfast. I've tried it with soy milk and dairy milk and both work well. It's not too sweet or chocolaty but the flavours certainly there, maybe a little less than its spiritual cousin Weetos. Tubes are a fun shape to have too for a change.

Not one we will rush back to, but a suitable breakfast for an adult wanting the illusion of protein and the crunchy chocolate goodness on offer. 


FoodFindsGB said...

I've also reviewed these and found them to be just a crunchier version of Weeto's, decent flavour and great crunch. Lots of added sugar though despite the good protein content so watch out for that

Claudia said...

Are they like a breakfast version of Wheat Crunchies? :D