13 October 2015

Wensleydale Carrot Cake Cheese (@Wdalecreamery Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

I am one of those people that browse the deli counter in the supermarket and spend ages trying to make a decision on which cheese to buy. I have a broad spectrum from blue cheese to the more creamy tones of Wensleydale.
I like the combinations you get with Wensleydale cheese, most often with cranberries mixed in, but sometimes you can find ginger, and apricots too. I was quite excited to spot this new one hiding in the cabinet, Wensleydale Carrot Cake variety. So today was an easy decision on my purchase, I asked for a nice piece and couldn’t wait to give it the taste test.

The cheese has all the flavours of carrot cake mixed into it; carrot, cinnamon, orange and sultanas. You can see when you cut it that it has plenty of goodies mixed in, and there is hint of orange colour from the carrot.
The cheese works really well. The flavour is sweet, spicy and the creamy tones of Wensleydale just bring it all together. It reminded me of eating the cream cheese coating on a carrot cake, only with a bit more warmth. I know I love cinnamon, so you can assume my usual level of bias here, but it just adds so much depth to the flavour. With its hint of biscuit too, this is a new favourite cheese of mine.
It is lovely to see a new flavour for Wensleydale widely available, I hope it is here to stay a while, as it would be a fab cheese to have on a cheese board, dare I say it, particularly over the Christmas period.
By Cinabar

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