17 October 2015

Tapas Revolution (@tapasrevbham Grand Central, Birmingham) [By @Cinabar]

We had our second trip to the awesome place that is the new Grand Central shopping centre linked to Birmingham New Street. As a foodie one of the main pulls for me has been the amazing selection of places to eat, there are so many new restaurants featuring food from all over the world. We have already tried the Vietnamese restaurant Pho so I thought I’d have a look at the new Spanish place Tapas Revolution.
Again we were really lucky in getting a table for lunch. We arrived just before 12 and got shown straight to a table. By 12:10 there was a queue, so my handy tip is to turn up a little early.
We browsed the menu and weren't sure what to have, as this was my first Tapas experience it was difficult to choose our dishes. I spotted that there were some set menus for two, so we opted for that. We chose the Clasico which was £19. There are five items that came at different times, with plates on the table so you can easily share. Now the problem with the set menu is that it was missing English translations of the dishes. We used our minimal knowledge of European languages to recognise some of the key words, but found it quite fun to go in a bit blind!

For drinks we went for the homemade lemonade, this was refreshing and zingy. It had a hint of saffron giving it a lovely colour and a nice taste of the slightly bitter flavour from the herb. It was a good twist on a regular lemonade. Then the food started to arrive.

Pan Con Alioli
Now from my knowledge of French I thought this might be garlic bread. What came was some slices of Ciabatta with a flavoursome garlic dip. We had this as a kind of a starter to the meal, to get our taste buds going.

Tortilla De Patatas
We'd worked out that this would contain potatoes, but weren't quite expecting the slice of potato dish that arrived. It was difficult to share but I managed to cut it into two thinner slices, and we had one piece each. The taste was lovely and creamy with a hint of egg. The potatoes were soft and fluffy and it was an absolute pleasure to eat.

Croquetas De Jambon
What came next were five breaded croquets. Inside the golden shell was the most delicious cheese and ham concoction. They were soft and easy to eat, the ham flavour shone through. It left us with that awkward moment when we'd had two each as to who would have the last one. We split it in the end!

Paella Valenciana
Next up a bowl of paella arrived. This was easy to share. There were good flavours of gentle spices like paprika and all the goodies mixed into the rice were perfectly seasoned and the chicken was moist and tender.

Huevos Rotos
I have to admit my language skills left me a little blank with this one, so we were surprised when a terracotta bowl arrived with an egg on top of seasoned potatoes and chorizo.
Of all the dishes we had I have to say they left the best to last. The egg burst its yoke when I cut into it and shared out the dish. The potatoes and chorizo were warmly spiced, again there was a lovely hit of paprika and the chorizo had just a nice hint of warmth with just a bit of chilli. The texture of the sausage was good too, firm but still juicy. I'd quite happily have a bowl of just this, with some bread to mop it all up.

In conclusion we really enjoyed our experience of Spanish Food from Tapas Revolution. The restaurant is friendly and modern, and totally buzzing. It was impressive that they could maintain the quality of the food and level of service in such a busy place. The food was a complete treat and at £19 for a set meal for two we cant wait to return.
By Cinabar


Unknown said...

Tortilla De Patatas is Spanish Omelette, v easy to make yourself but Waitrose do the nicest ready made one! They need to open one of these up near me, looks delicious :-)

cinabar said...

I will look out for the Waitrose one - thanks for the tip ;-) the one from Tapas Revolution was gorgeous.