19 October 2015

Yorkshire Strawberry & Cherry Popcorn (Countryside Live)

My parents must hate me because they woke me up at 8 o'clock on a cold, wet Sunday morning to drag me to some show called Countryside Live at the Great Yorkshire Showground, near Harrogate (http://countrysidelive.co.uk/).

At the show there were loads of things going on, including animal demonstrations and food and animal competitions. My sister (believe it or not) raced a ferret and won #yay! There were also loads of little stores selling all kind of countryside products and foodstuffs. After making chocolate lollies and buns I saw a range of popcorn covered in weird, colourful flavourings that looked so bright and colourful I just had to try some! (Although I'm really particular about popcorn and eat the same flavour every day at break, so I didn’t think I’d like it!).

After trying the strawberry and cherry popcorn I have found my new favourite! The sweetness from the strawberry and bitterness from the cherry goes perfectly with the sweet popcorn. All the popcorn is fully covered! And the bright pink colour from the flavouring really makes it stand out. The flavour is perfect! (http://www.yorkshire-crisps.co.uk/)

By kaitlynriesxx

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Anonymous said...

V. Good review! It's good to add the younger perspective to the blog and I'd like to see more. You could also teach us a bit more about photography ;-)

Cheers, Spectre