26 October 2015

New Darkside Skittles (WH Smiths) [By @Cinabar]

I’m a big fan of Skittles and can’t pass up a Limited Edition. These Skittles are part of a Halloween special here in the UK, and have a dark twist on the flavours, hence the name Darkside Skittles. Well thats what they promised, but if I’m totally honest when I started reading what the flavours were I was a bit disappointed:

Midnight Lime
A green coloured lime flavoured Skittle did not blow my mind. It was fresh with a nice citrus burst, but I’m not sure what made it “Midnight” Lime. To be perfectly honest it tasted like a Lime Skittle. Nothing new here.

Blood Orange
Ok this dark orange coloured sweet does have a hint of Halloween, but again is essentially an Orange flavoured Skittle. The taste is a bit different from the regular Orange Skittle, it has a slightly zestier flavour, and a smoothness that is nice. I’m still not scared though.

Wicked Pomegranate
Ok these Dark Pink Skittles actually are a completely new flavour! I like juicy pomegranate seeds, regularly having them as a lunch time snack, so I thought I was quite familiar with the flavour. This Skittle didn’t quite have that taste, there was a hint of that flavour but also a soft berry taste, like it was mixed with a hint of strawberry.

Dark Berry
These Skittle are blue and berry flavoured, so it won’t surprise you that the dominant flavour seems to be blueberry. These are quite sweet, and have a nice mix of something like tangy blackberry in the flavour. This is a lovely edition to the range.

Sweet Strawberry
These sweets are dark purple in colour, but Strawberry flavoured. In the unofficial, but universal, rules of colour coordination strawberry sweets are red or pink. These are dark purple. That rule has been broken, and that is the most scary thing about these sweets. Yes Darkside Skittles you scared me. Having said I did like the flavour, they are very sweet, and the strawberry taste is soft and pleasing, but did I mention the colour, or the fact I’ve had strawberry flavour Skittles tons of times before.
By Cinabar

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