23 January 2016

Battersea Rye (Marks and Spencer's) [By @SpectreUK]

Although famous for its dogs and cats home, 200 acre park and huge decommissioned power station, which was featured fairly recently in a Doctor Who episode, I have never been to Battersea. This beer has, of course, as it was brewed in Battersea, hence the name, at Sambrook's Brewery. Just off topic; I joked with my boss about two days ago that I hadn't used the word 'hence' for years, and now rather weirdly I can't stop! It's like an affliction! Anyway, this 5.6% beer was brewed with malted rye, hence (I know, sorry) the other part of the beer's name. On opening the 330ml bottle (always a bit of a small bottle in my mind, I prefer the 500ml bottles as I'm greedy and you just get more beer!) there was a lightly spiced full bodied fruity malty aroma. On pouring the deep copper coloured beer there was a decent head and the aroma filled the immediate vicinity making me want to dive immediately into my beer glass with both lips. The malted rye really adds bundles to the flavour, not taking it over, just bunking up cosily with the malted barley, whilst the hops tries its hardest to part the two with a tricksy banter of bitterness mixed with the lightly spicy and yet strong fruity flavour. This is a complex beer to be satisfyingly supped and enjoyed on its own, without food, and probably late at night in front of a spooky Doctor Who episode set outside a power station. So kick the cat out of the house and send the other half out to walk the dog in the park, and put the television on!
By Spectre

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