26 January 2016

Walkers Melty Crackers in Sweet Chilli (Tesco) [By @cinabar]

We have reviewed a lot of Walkers crisps on this blog, with an amazing array of flavours that have been on offer over the years, from Walkers Cajun Squirrel through to Lime With Thai Spices. They have usually been potato based snacks, so it was interesting to find something a bit different from Walkers aimed at the snacking market.
These Melty Crackers sounded very intriguing indeed. Perhaps I was having a moment when I picked them up in the shop but the word Melty seemed to have a different meaning to me than what it turned out to be. I thought they were going to have soft centres, ie melting in the middle, but they don't. They are just soft crackers with a light crunch with a consistent texture all the way through. They don't seem melty to me. They are thick wheaty and pleasant. Spectre thought they were going to have their topping melted on top, but there is just the red/orange seasoning powder.

Flavour wise they are perfectly fine, the seasoning is sweet but with a gently spice. They didn't blow my mind they just sat in the nice category, but something I probably won't pick up again. For me the texture of crackers is such that it needs something to contrast them. Cheese and biscuits work, but these aren't those sort of crackers. They are small and seasoned and these just wouldn't work like that, nor is it what they are intended for. On their own I felt they were a little dry after I had a few, I didn't need a large portion. Think I will be buying a sharing bag of Walker Sensations crisps next time.
By Cinabar

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