13 January 2016

Purely Pickled Eggs with Fruity Balsamic (Brown and Greens, Trentham Gardens)

I've tried Purely Pickled Eggs before, the first flavour was "With Horseradish" and I've also eaten Purely Pickled Eggs with Spicy Vinegar. I enjoyed both flavours very much at the time and regretted not trying this Purely Pickled Eggs with Fruity Balsamic. Last time we visited Trentham Gardens we returned to a favourite Foodstufffinds haunt up there and I managed to pick up a jar for a lunchtime treat with my sandwich and crisps. This fruity Arabian style Balsamic Vinegar had turned the pickle surrounding the eggs almost black. There was a fruity spicy balsamic smell on opening the jar. The eggs were also almost black in colour from the dark balsamic vinegar in the jar (see photograph).

Taste wise the eggs had a gorgeous sour pickled tang with a fruity lightly spiced balsamic flavour. These pickled eggs were very tasty and moreish. I just had to savour them by unusually cutting them up into small bite sized pieces rather than my usual couple of gob-fulls. I felt that these eggs were a very original and different twist on pickled eggs, leaning away from the spicier pickled eggs of Horseradish and also Spicy Vinegar. Leaning more towards the face twisting sourness that made my tastebuds sit up and say "Ah!" The eggs were huge and four eggs filled the jar, which seemed a shame as I'd have liked more eggs to enjoy with more of my lunches. Perhaps a family sized super big jar would suit my greediness?

Information on the label;
360g jar. For the ingredients please see the photograph.
By Spectre

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