28 January 2016

UP & GO - breakfast drink (@NLi10)

On wandering through Birmingham town centre the other evening I came across an inflatable igloo...

And a queue of people - and those leaving the queue had product samples!

Naturally I joined in and revived three flavours of something I'd spotted on bus stop adverts but not picked up - An Australian Breakfast alternative called Up & Go.

The halo of people surrounding the igloo were mostly lamenting the fact the straws fell off easily the only audible review I heard was "ew!!".

I however, quite like this sort of thing!

It looks fairly normal - like a heavy milkshake.

It is essentially just that - lots of vitamins in a milky drink with a nice flavour. The extra fibre makes the drink thicker, but in a nice way.

The oats and the flavours work very well together and I particularly liked the red flavour even though mixed berries is a little vague.

A short while after I wandered back through town to find it all deflated. Maybe it will show up in your town soon.

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