31 January 2016

Polish goodies - Zlate & Halva (by @NLi10)

I recently went on holiday to Wales.  All the goodies I brought back were savoury and non sharing items, so consequently I went to my local Polish shop to pick up holiday goods.  They had lots of things I'd seen before and not picked up so I went for this Zlate range - then added a Halva as I needed to get to £5 to pay by card!

The little ones at the front centre are essentially tiny versions of Leibniz style biscuit and choc. They aren't that buttery and like all of this range are less dense than I'd expect.  A nice little snack but not something I'd actively crave.

The Koka at the back are small mixtures of choc and coconut in the rock cake style of biscuit.  These are very edible and light, and going own surprisingly well.  They clearly come in a box as in a bag they would just disintegrate in transit.  Worth exploring the range but not stellar.

The Venecky are the star. I'd expected these to be jam rings, but they are actually just a round biscuit version of a lemon drizzle cake.  These are the stand out star, but the aftertaste is a little similar to the Jiff lemon thing you pop on pancakes and is a touch odd.  Nevertheless I'll pick up more of these, which is a surprise as if i'd have seen they were just biscuit I wouldn't have bothered.

Here is the Halva, it's one giant eurowafer. I'm not sure if i expected to have to decide on what a portion was with this, but it's pretty fun. Maybe I'll buy one just for me and eat it as a biscuit in public.  I think two of these Rich sized portions was the correct amount.

It's much more chocolaty than the Princessa I usually get, and the filling is more layered than the Knoppers bars I also usually get (but couldn't find in the time available to make my purchase up to £5). There were lots of flavours of this and it was certainly a deluxe option (two whole pounds) but I think i'll just get them sometimes.  The ring biscuits are the reason to go back to the shop, and this is just something to get if you are already there.

And yes - as usual, I got served in Polish until I looked confused - even though all I seem to buy is comfort food these days.  I'll have to get more deli delights.


Sandra said...

These sweets are from Czech Republic, not from Poland :)

NLi10 said...

Ah! Pardon my ignorance and thanks for the heads up!