30 January 2016

Pimm's Cider Cup (Waitrose) [By @SpectreUK]

Okay so this sounds like the poshest drink I've ever blogged about or possibly ever tasted! Not used to such posh sounding beverages and worried I'll get swept away by delusions of grandeur, I decided to drink this Pimm's Cider Cup out of my not so posh beer mug. This beverage was produced by the Pimm's Company, in London. The bottle's label informed me that this English cider is flavoured with Pimm's, and a hint of strawberry and cucumber. If anyone is longing for Spring and Summer to roll on from this dull, damp and chilly Winter, then this maybe the drink for you. Probably add a little ice and use it to wash down your very English cucumber sandwiches, followed by some tea and Victoria Sponge cake taken on the lawn on a quiet Summer's afternoon. However, I couldn't resist trying this now after freezing half to death from a half hour swim in the outside pool at the gym. I didn't think it would warm me up, but the promise of alcohol won me over and this was in the fridge. On opening the bottle there was a decent strawberry and cider smell from the lightly carbonated drink. The beverage was a deep strawberry red and taste wise was quite strong in strawberry over Pimm's over cider, and someone may have walked past the manufacturers with a cucumber in their shopping! This dashingly delicious drink did taste like a traditional English Summer, okay not the rainy kind, but those days of delighting in the sun with a cool breeze, and a good book in the garden. Besides, if you're looking for the must have fuel for watching Wimbledon with your strawberries and cream, then this drink is most likely for you!
By Spectre

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