16 January 2016

Guinness Foreign Extra (Sainsbury's) [By @SpectreUK]

Dubbed as the "most full-flavoured of all" this 7.5% volume Guinness Foreign Extra seemed like a treat for a cold day. It certainly has been cold here over the last couple of days to the extent of being snowed in and having to work at home due to this country's complete inability to deal with the Cold White Menace. Brewed with extra hops and roasted barley for a more weathered bite, this thick black stout threatened to warm my frozen inner boiler right through, even if I did have the heating on at the time of drinking! On opening there was a heavy hoppy aroma mixed in with hearty roasted barley in the after-smell, there was also that heavy alcoholic smell right at the end letting the hairs in my nose know that this is a strong brew indeed. It took my lips a while to break through the thick creamy head. When they had the sheer flavour lashed at my tastebuds spinning them around into a full-bodied stout heaven. The hoppy bitterness almost knocked me for six, which merged quickly with the gravy-like roasted barley. "Mmm..." Was all I could thick of with each glorious sip. I don't see why this is called "Foreign Extra", why should they have all the fun? "Special Home Brew" could be a better name and not for beginners!
By Spectre

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