8 January 2016

Eat Natural Light & Lovely - Red Apple and Chia Seeds (Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

When I buy Eat Natural cereal bars, I tend to buy the ones that contain chocolate. That won’t be surprising for those that know me, I have a sweet tooth and a love of chocolate. However the January post Christmas guilt has kicked in and I thought I’d give the light version of their bars a go.

The bars are called Light and Lovely and it flavour is Red Apple and Chia Seeds. I’ve seen quite a bit about Chia seeds on websites and in magazines, they are a very “on trend” in the health food world. I can’t comment on that really, but they seem to be a good source of vitamins and minerals at the very least. Dotted into my cereal bar they give the bar a bit of a weird crunch. It's not a satisfying crunch, it is a bitty crunch. The firm sticky texture of the bar is fine, but the Chia makes me feel like I’m going to get them stuck in my teeth.
The bar doesn’t have the sweet treat feel of the chocolate based ones. The apple is pleasant, and there is a nice hint of cinnamon which should win me over, but isn’t strong enough for my tastes. Its fruity and easy to eat, but it's not one of the bars I’d look forward to having with a coffee. Having said all that it's only 115 calories, so works well for those cutting back in January.
Will I be buying them post January? I’ll be switching back to the chocolate options I’m afraid.
By Cinabar

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