24 January 2016

Holland And Barrett - Holiday Supplies! (by @Nli10) @holland_barrett @HBFreeFrom

Recently we went on holiday to Bluestone Park in Wales and took a bag of goodies from Holland & Barrett Birmingham to help us along the way.  Here is how we got on.

First up we ate the Hummus Chips.  We've had similar to these before but not this brand.  The bags were big...

but 45g only gets you so far.
And that's OK - two people sharing this was a nice light snack.  If you'd eaten them solo it'd be a decent sized bag.  They really were not that salty (and I never add salt) but they were really nice and the texture was fantastic.

The lentil version had a lot more flavour going on, and a much firmer snap to it.  I think I'd prefer the first bag, but as my partner preferred the second I'm certainly going to have to go back and get more of the whole range.  These are realistically much better for me to eat than your typical fried crisps for so many reasons - less fat, gluten free, almost certainly less processed than my usual French Fries & Squares.

And I also have to go back for these.

All three of us have waxed lyrical about how good chocolate covered pretzels are - and usually they are an import snack.  Here they are just on the shelf - in multiple flavours and waiting to be devoured.  It took will power to make these reach a 2nd sitting. I had to check the ingredients for addictive substances.

They look a little rough, but the mixture of things going on here is spot on. I could eat more now.  I have to have all the flavours next time.  I may require a loyalty card (or an intervention). 

These however - a little flat.  They are perfectly serviceable if you are vegan and want something to drop in cakes or hot chocolate, but these are not for snacking on. Bag should have been a give away - oh well.

We haven't eaten the chocolate raisins yet - so I'll tag those on to the other exciting purchase we got at the same time next week!

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