9 February 2016

Birds Eye Stir Your Senses Spanish Paella (Morrisons) [by @cinabar]

We've had a hectic few days and it is only Tuesday. This did give us the chance to try something quick for tea, the new Birds Eye Paella. It is frozen so happily sits as an emergency quick meal until you need it. All you do is snip open the bag, heat up a pan, add a couple of tablespoons of water add the bag, heat it up and simmer for ten minutes. Easy, and this is done straight from frozen.
Now although this is a quick meal, you can't microwave it as the prawns in the bag are raw and do need cooking, but they soon switch from grey to pink when the heat is on. To be honest that is the beauty of this bag everything is all prepared for you, but the prawns are lovely and moist and freshly cooked.

When you are letting it simmer the aromas are lovely too, all fresh and with a fab hint of paprika and mediterainian warmth. Inside the bag are pinkish sauce droplets which are the source of the flavour, these melt in to give the dish is fragrance whilst it cooks.
Flavour wise it was fabulous. The seasoning included paprika, onion, and oregano and it went well with all the ingredient. There was the slightest hint of chilli and this gives a gentle warmth, and holds it all together. The textures were lovely too, the rice was soft, the veggies had just were perfectly firm, the chicken was soft and moist and prawns were spot on. I love a mix of textures, so I found this very enjoyable. I like that each mouthful has a slightly different combination of ingredients keeping the mix of textures and flavours interesting.
The only negative comment is I wanted more, okay not a second bag more but for a main meal I'd recommend some crusty bread as an addition. I loved the flavours and the simplicity of the dish so it's safe to say I'll be buying some more to tuck away for a quick meal when things get busy.
By Cinabar

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