18 February 2016

Hello Kitty Cake Pops Maker (by @NLi10)

It was my sisters birthday yesterday and her partner bought her this lovely Hello Kitty cooking device via online shopping site Amazon.

It looks a bit like a toastie maker or maybe a waffle iron - but it's actually for...

Half a dozen shrunken kitty heads with which to make cake pops! You make up the batter according to the provided recipie (or at least your mom does) and then you pour two scoops into each kitty and then wait about 4 mins until they are cooked.

And they look like this

And like this when you impale them on spikes as a warning to other Hello Kitties that may be thinking about laying siege to your castle.

They taste like a mix between cupcakes and waffles and you can eat a fair few without feeling too full.  For some this will be just another gadget to take up cupboard space, but for others this will be a quick and easy way to make kitten shaped treats for all. Yum!

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