11 February 2016

Monty Bojangles Taste Adventure! (By @NLi10)

How do you follow a massive Valentine's day haul review (with a video)?  By finding the perfect single gift solution instead!

If I were planning to buy an edible present for my significant other (which I'm not - we have so much chocolate still from Christmas I'm worried that Hansel & Gretel will come round) then it would be this.  I've no idea how much they are, as we got them for Christmas from my little sister, but it was from Tesco.  Also I've had two other people recommend that we review the brand since Christmas so I think it's one to watch.

So - what is it?

In this fantastically designed box we have award winning truffles. I expected them to be laid out like a chocolate box...

...but no - these are individually wrapped delights. Each importantly comes with its flavour marked and they a packaged large enough that they all travelled well and each was in tact.

Here we see the cookies and cream variety  - the first I tried - and it's essentially a really good chocolate truffle with bits of Oreo style flavour in it. The real magic is that the outside is covered in fine, dark chocolate powder which really makes it a mouth watering proposition!

There are 6 varieties and we ate two of each between us and barely made a dent in the box - we didn't count but I'm guessing 24 to 30?  The choccy one is the basic formula, but then they add cookies, fruity popping candy, orange peel, and for the two star versions Nutella style hazelnut, and Crunchie butterscotch.

Usually I'd try and pick apart all the flavours and choose a favourite but here it seems pointless, they are all magical and whichever I most recently ate is usually my favourite. 

The fact that these showed up in Tesco means that the boutique chocolate shops like Hotel Chocolate really need to up their game to compete - these are better than a bag of Thorntons and I can guarantee your chosen Valentine hasn't had their fill of these.

What makes these especially perfect for the V day present is how shareable they are, you can pass them around, choose straight from the box and they provide an instant sumptuous talking point. Tempted as I am to buy more right away we still have a few left - and I'm going to go have an orange one right now!

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Nefertari said...

These guys have a shop in Reigate which is near me so I popped in at Christmas and OMG how amazing are they!!!! The shop is fantastic as it's also a café and the choice is amazing. We couldn't get enough of them :0)