2 February 2016

Muller Limited Edition Light Peanut & Caramel Flavour Yoghurt (Tesco) [By @Cinabar]

One of my favourite things is peanut butter, specifically when coupled with something sweet, usually chocolate but I'm happy with jam too. When I heard that Muller were bringing out a Light Peanut and Caramel yoghurt I thought it had the potential to be my new favourite. Also as it is a light version I thought it might be a nice treat after a meal, in place of a naughtier pudding. Fat free and just 99 calories per pot.

I pulled back the lid and found a very pale brown/orange coloured thick yoghurt, which looked far more appetising than my description! I gave it a taste test and It was pleasant, but lacking something. There was a sort of peanut flavour, which went well with the caramel sweetness and the creamy finish, it was nice, but not inspirational. I took another spoonful and just couldn't work out why I wasn't loving it the way that I should. I decided it didn't have the right amount of peanut, it was sweet without that nutty kick I was expecting. I wanted the full on rich peanut butter topped with oozings of caramel sauce flavour, but the focus was more on the caramel. A quick nosey at the ingredients and I couldn't find any nuts in the pot. I'm not sure why they do this, it isn't the first no nuts nutty product I've tried. I can't decide if it is to make a safer environment for the other food products they sell for nut allergy suffers or simply because it is cheaper, I'd suspect it is a combination of the two factors. Sadly though it leaves this yoghurt missing the mark for me.
By Cinabar


Amy said...

Ahh that explains it! I was so disappointed but didn't check the ingredients! I wish they'd do it properly!

paulham said...

The smell?! Like stale/dirty water!

Martin @ The Why Chef said...

Ah man! I got all excited when I read the label! I feel cheated!

Anonymous said...

I was very happy to find out that there wasn't any nuts in this product as my son has a servere nut allergy and enjoys the muller yogurts and can still safley eat them. He has asked in the past what nuts taste like and now he can taste for him self ­čść alot of products have been coming out latley in peanut flavour and when it is life threatening to your child it very distressing thanks muller for considering allergy sufferes