23 February 2016

New Dairy Milk Medley - Hazelnut and Raspberry (Pound Land) [By @cinabar]

I had to condense the full description of this bar in the title, as it mentions quite a few ingredients! In full it is Dairy Milk Medley with Dark chocolate Chips, Caramelised Hazelnuts and Raspberry Pieces, so a proper medley indeed.

I looked at the wrapper and saw the illustrative drawing of what the chocolate pieces look like and thought how pretty it seemed. I opened up the wrapper and really didn’t like how the bar looked inside. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but it just didn’t look neat and pretty.

I even turned it over to see if it was the wrong way up, it wasn’t, the back was just the back. Neatly patterned but clearly not the display side.

It is just when you compare the “this is what it should look like” on the packet to the “this is what it does look like” it is lacking. Oh well, it is the taste that makes the chocolate, and I sense I’m being picky.
I bit into the pieces and all was forgiven, the chocolate was divine. The milk chocolate cup holds a smooth soft chocolate topped with dark chocolate, raspberries and nuts. The smooth filling melts in the mouth and coats your taste buds with a fabulous chocolate cream. Its sweet and chocolatey and the very definition of a soothing bar of chocolate. The raspberry bits are a tad tart and their fruity zingy taste balances it all out to perfection. The dark chocolate drops keep the cocoa content up and the caramelised hazelnuts give the bar a nice depth of flavour and a bit of crunch.
This is probably the nicest “fruit and nut” chocolate bar I’ve had in ages. Raspberry and chocolate go together so well, and the softer chocolate filling is just perfect. Appearances aside, this New Dairy Milk Medley bar is well worth hunting out.
By Cinabar

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