8 February 2016

Salted Caramel Whips (M&S) [By @Cinabar]

I was having a look around Marks And Spencer food hall, and found myself in the confectionary aisle, as you do. I had a glance at the shelf with Walnut Whips and my eyes were drawn to these new Salted Caramel Whips. Apparently the food developers love of salted caramel will be continuing into 2016, it's like the trend that forgot to die. Anyway, I picked up a pack.

The Whips are quite sweetly shaped, almost butterfly like from the top, with four curves of chocolate. On top of the Whip is a hazelnut dipped in white chocolate, I pulled this off and ate it first, like I would have done with a walnut on top of the regular flavour. The hazelnut was sweetened by its chocolate coating and tasted nice.

Next up I tucked into the curved Whip, it was a little awkward, think Toblerone, pretty but not the easiest thing to work out how to eat. I discovered that the dark chocolate on the top of the Whip was just a thin decorative layer and that the case was essentially sweet milk chocolate. The chocolate was very tasty, and had crunchy butterscotch bits mixed in. I found the top difficult to bite into but still did appreciated the thick chocolate. Next i discovered the gooey layer of salted caramel that oozed dangerously, but had nice tones of caramel and only a hint of salt. The fluffy layer of whip was vanilla and similar to that in the usual Walnut Whip.
I liked the salted caramel addition and I liked the butterscotch in the chocolate, the problem that the Salted Caramel Whip had was that it looked pretty but the top was a bit difficult to get your teeth into. In retrospect I would have enjoyed it far more if it had been in the usual shape. Still it's one I'd buy again for a change.
By Cinabar

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