24 February 2016

Fizzy Pop Sweets (Marks and Spencer's) [By @SpectreUK]

These Fizzy Pop Sweets caught Cinabar's eye in the local Marks and Spencer's store. The chain has been getting quite a bit of stick for its clothing lately in the press. However, I do like to buy my shirts and ties from there when I need new ones for work, and no one ever complains about the quality of their food. These gummy sweets come in the familiar bottle shape. There are three innovative drinks flavours; ginger beer, pink lemonade, and cherryade, followed by a fourth regular cola flavour. First up was ginger beer. Been as though the bottles were covered in sugar I assumed that they would be sour. I was wrong. These are not sour gummy sweets, they are fizzy. Hence the name Fizzy Pop Sweets! There was an initial flavour to the white sugar covered gummy bottle with a sweet pleasant ginger flavour hitting my taste buds afterwards. As my first ginger beer flavoured gummy sweet, this experience was one I would happily have again... And there were plenty in the packet. Figuring the pink sugar covered bottle was pink lemonade, I picked this flavour next. I was hit with a fizzy sour lemon flavour to start with followed by grapefruit. Very nice indeed, a little sour for a pick me up ready for the dreaded red sugar covered bottle next. Cherryade has never been a favourite pop drink of mine. As regular readers will know - I don't like cherry! Weirdly I do like cherry cola bottles, so I wasn't feeling too much trepidation regarding the cherryade bottles. I was certainly not to be disappointed. These were the most flavoursome of the sweets so far. Where the other flavours were subtle, cherryade was an explosion of sour fizzy tang. Much nicer than any cherry cola bottles in my opinion. Cola flavour was last, but certainly not least. Fizzy cola bottles have always been a favourite gummy sweet of mine, and these more traditional fizzy cola flavoured sweets were a treat to my tastebuds. Mark my words, these aren't just any old Fizzy Pop Sweets, these are M&S Fizzy Pop Sweets.
By Spectre

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Anonymous said...

I thought the ginger was disappointing. I had hoped it would have a much stronger flavor. The others were quite nice. Bonus - they are vegetarian!