12 February 2016

New Milk Chocolate Pretzels and Popping Candy Popcorn (M&S) [By @cinabar]

This is another of the products where the title of the item just seems a bit too long. For example;
Spectre says; "I'm just popping into town, do you want anything?"
I reply; "Can you pick me up a packet of Marks and Spencer's Milk Chocolate Pretzels and Popping Candy Popcorn."
"Chocolate, just get me chocolate."
Anyway on this occasion I was in the shop so managed to put a bag of Milk Chocolate Pretzels and Popping Candy Popcorn into my basket myself. Once home I opened up the bag and poured out the contents for a closer inspection.

I think the first thing that took me by surprise was the size of the popcorn pieces, they were huge! The chocolate coating on them is thick and the popcorn underneath is large and fluffy. I bit into one and gave it a taste test. The chocolate was good, sweet and creamy, and popcorn added a nice flavour, and a fun combination of textures. The popping from the popcorn was light, and gave a pleasant tingle. It is the size of them, they are brilliant giant popcorn balls with popping fizz perfection.

The pretzels were good too, and coated in the same rich milk chocolate, I love the flavour of the salt from the pretzels with the chocolate, it does add a fab sweet and salty taste mix. The pretzels were lovely and crunchy, and again were fun to eat.
This is definitely a nice mixed bag of goodies, they were perfect to munch on whilst watching a film. I will buy them again, but I think it will be me doing the buying myself!
By Cinabar

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