29 February 2016

New Dairy Milk Medley - Biscuit and Fudge (Pound Land) [By @cinabar]

Last week I wrote about the new Cadbury bar; Dairy Milk Medley with Dark chocolate Chips, Caramelised Hazelnuts and Raspberry Pieces; but there is another new bar in this range.
This second bar has a mix of biscuit piece, fudge and dark chocolate drops. I opened up the wrapper and this time expected the bar to be a bit messy. The raspberry version took me by surprise, it is unusual for a Cadbury bar to look untidy, they are usually quite neat and often symmetrical. This bar, like that version, looked a bit thrown together too, and not perfect like the image on the wrapper.

The bar does have all the promised ingredients though, the milk chocolate cup, filled with the milk chocolate cream filling, topped with biscuit pieces, fudge pieces and dark chocolate drops.
The bar had a lovely mix of textures, with the chocolate, creamy filling, firm fudge and the crunchy biscuit pieces. The flavour is a sweet affair, the chocolate sweetness is topped up with the golden taste from the biscuit and the buttery sugar flavour from the fudge. The dark chocolate adds a nice hint of extra cocoa and the flavour  is really sweet and dessert like. It's a good bar, and certainly meets the mark as a sweet treat.
Just on a completely personal note out of the two new bars, I thought the raspberry one had the edge. It had such a nice berry tang from the raspberry, the acid of this cut into the taste and made it easier to eat.
By Cinabar

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