1 March 2016

Tango Blue Raspberry Shock Rocks (BHS) [By @cinabar]

Firstly I’m not sure that Tango Blue Raspberry exists as a drink in its own right, although I have seen it as ice pops. I love raspberry, and the ice lollies that turn your tongue blue are particularly fun!
This particular product, Tango Blue Raspberry Shock Rocks, is raspberry flavoured popping candy with a lollipop in a very eye catching pack. The packaging builds up the potential flavour, it looks explosive, its looks “shocking” with its zig zag shape. It builds you up for something that is going to be a proper flavour sensation! The zig zag shapes make it easy to open too, I think this might have been accidental, but they work really well as “tear here” points.

Once the bag was open I found a cute lollipop which looks like a thumbs-up symbol, in a pale blue colour and a portion of popping candy. If I was being picky I’d say it was a small portion of popping candy, particularly for the packet size. There was more than that shown in the picture above, but not loads more.
The popping candy did have a very good pop and tingle. The flavour is sweet, but mild in terms of the raspberry. There was a sweet berry taste, but not the powerful hit of flavour the Tango Shock Rocks packet eluded too.
I thought it might make my tongue blue too, but the colour wasn't quite strong enough. The thumbs up lollipop was hard, and sweet. Although it was blue in colour, I couldn’t pick up on much raspberry flavour, but it was still pleasingly sugary.
I can’t help thinking something with such punchy packaging should have had a more punchy raspberry flavour, the berry taste was mild throughout. I like popping candy, and this did deliver the pop and crackle I was hoping for, so no complaints there, I just wish they’d been a little more generous with the filling. I wanted to overload my taste buds with a good portion of the popping stuff!
By Cinabar

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