27 March 2016

Isea Pasta - seaweed that thinks it's pasta! (By @NLi10)

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A while back we got asked if we'd like to try some new style pastas. First up this week we have seaweed that you treat like pasta. 

Seen here in the blue bag we have the tagliatelle form. I love pasta, I love nutrition and I love the idea of taking a natural sustainable thing like Irish seaweed and turning it into food.

In the recipie book it suggested carbonara so I grabbed some quorn bacon lardons and sun dried tomatoes and mixed up my own sauce.

The quorn seemed to do something odd with the sauce and it didn't really work well.

The seaweed seemed to be heating well - but it smelt a little more strongly than I'd anticipated.

The kitchen smelt decidedly like the seaside which could be great for some people but I'm splitting this meal with a vegetarian so for her it was a little more off putting than we'd have liked.

The sauce really disappeared and the seaweed expanded more than I'd anticipated and dominated the meal.

The flavour was just too off putting for my partner, and I agreed - I'd put too many salty things together and then added in the fishy seaweed. It wasn't great. She piled most of hers on to my plate and I couldn't finish it.  I resolved to try again.

On opening the pack this second time snack kitten Luna was very interested. She does like veggies and decided to take some out of the pan. I soaked some for her but she didn't do more than play with it.

I cooked the seaweed a little colder this time to keep the smell in, which made the texture a little firmer and possibly less to my liking.

I used lovely Herta frankfurters and a strong spicy Lloyd Grosman sauce to fight against the seaside taste...

In fact I put a whole jar on a single portion! (My partner refused to try it again)

I'd still done too much seaweed pasta! It was edible for me, but not enjoyable. It felt too much like an endurance style test. I guess this just isn't for people who don't love shellfish.

With that in mind I mentioned it to some of the healthier people at work and gave the remaining portions to someone I know. By all accounts she absolutely loved it and intends to get more! I think it's very much a personal taste thing - I went into this wanting to love it and fully intending to integrate this into our meals. A top quality product, but one that really doesn't fit into my tastes!

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