17 March 2016

Happy lemon premier, Birmingham (by @NLi10) @happylemonuk

Walking home while out late one night I spotted a neat little tea shop I hadn't seen before and resolved to pop back at a more sociable time.  That shop was part of the international happy lemon chain and that day was today. As coffee drinkers have millions of chains with luxurious varieties it's always surprised me there isn't an Indian or Chinese tea chain, and now we have something that appears to fit the bill.

Happy Lemon

For those of you (like me) that haven't heard of happy lemon it's basically the Subway of tea. It even has a loyalty scheme and the ability to customise absolutely everything. Here are their popular drinks.

Fresh honey lemon green tea sounded divine and something I could actually tell the quality of taste from so I went for that. To its right is black tea with rock salted cheese. I despise cheese but have resolved to take someone that doesn't on a visit to try that as it sounds pretty far out.

You get a funky little plastic lemon head to fondle while you wait with your order number on, and they also deliveroo so you can get tea brought to your office. Fab! Not sure what the rates are like on that but I will no doubt find out.

The weather was just about warm enough for me to get this as a cold drink, and as it had a lid on I could safely pop it in my shopping bag while going round HMV then resume drinking afterwards.

The flavour was indeed fresh and crisp, and the 20% sweetness I went for was about one spoon of sugar in a home brew tea. The honey and lemon worked well and reminded me of my favourite New Sum Ye lemon chicken dish that was just round the corner. It was very refreshing and certainly good enough for me to be picking up a loyalty card next time (£5 including one drink) and aiming for a badge!

I'll report back when I've had something more exotic!

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