15 March 2016

Limited Edition Trio Biscuits (@McVities) [By @Cinabar]

As I was a child in the eighties I remember the Trio advert well. The minute I spotted these biscuits nostalgia set it. I could immediately remember singing (lol screeching) “I want a Trio and I want One Now!”
As I did “want one now” and I had bought a couple of packs I decided to go for the taste test. First thing to note these are as I remember them visually.

There is a paper wrapper, over foiled paper which is true to the original and so very retro! Underneath the wrapper is a chocolate biscuit in three segments, each with the Trio logo on them. As I was looking the aroma of chocolate and toffee couldn’t help catch my attention, I really have missed these biscuits.
I broke a piece off, with a snap, and bit in. The flavour of toffee is just wonderfully rich and strong. There is no comparison to caramel, this is a proper rich toffee flavour. It is delivered in a soft layer over the biscuit, it isn’t hard or gooey. The chocolate is a nice thick milk chocolate and the biscuit is crunchy and tasty. I enjoyed my step back in time, and the rich toffee taste.
I am so looking forward to having one of these in my (now work) lunch box. They’ll take me back to my childhood for a bit, and be perfect with an afternoon cuppa. I’m hoping McVities will see the light and make these permanent, the phrase Limited Edition isn’t very reassuring.
By Cinabar


Li said...

Can I ask when you found these as I've been trying to buy them but I haven't actually seen them since they said they were coming back?!

cinabar said...

I bought them a couple of weeks ago from Morrisons online - they are on offer for £1 a pack as they are new.