4 March 2016

Limited Edition Vanilla Kit Kat Stirrer (Sainsbury's) [By @Cinabar]

I like to dunk biscuits, I am a “dunker”. I deliberately choose hard biscuits for this mission, as there is nothing worse than a soft biscuit breaking up on impact. Italian Biscotti are certainly the best at being dipped into a mug of tea. My other criteria for a biscuit for dunking is not to have any chocolate coating, as it would just melt away or get messy on the fingers. So yes I dunk my biscuits, but in summary dunking a chocolate wafer Kit Kat, or using one to stir my drink, has never crossed my mind.
This new Kit Kat from Nestle has been designed for it apparently, it is a Limited Edition Vanilla Kit Kat Stirrer. The wrapper says “Made to be Stirred”, but the bar looks remarkable similar to every other four stick Kit Kat, it isn’t a special shape or anything. I have to pass comment on the new and exciting flavour choice being vanilla, I sense before eating it the flavour sensation isn’t going to blow my mind.

I made myself a latte macchiato, unwrapped my Kit Kat and gave my coffee a stir. As predicted the chocolate started to melt off and it looked messy. Taste wise the coffee flavour covered over any hint of vanilla in the bar and it tasted rather like a regular Kit Kat. The last bite of the Kit Kat finger hadn’t melted and I could then pick up on the vanilla, which did give the bar a nice creamy sweetness. Can I just say they used natural vanilla too, artificial vanilla is a pet hate of mine, and I’ve even found it in some very expensive sweets, so fair play to Nestle for using the good stuff.
I wasn’t taken by stirring my Kit Kat in my coffee, but at least there was no biscuit residue at the bottom of my mug, as it doesn’t crumble.
This is a pleasant new Kit Kat, the vanilla is nice, although not that exciting. I’ve also decided I’m not a stirrer, and I am clearly a rebel because I just ate the final three Kit Kat fingers straight! Go me.
By Cinabar


chocstar said...

I can't taste any vanilla in it. Tastes just like a normal Kit Kat although natural vanilla flavourings are listed in the ingredients.

cinabar said...

There is a hint of Vanilla, but it isn't one of their most noticeable flavours. I have been enjoying the new Dark Mint variety.