29 March 2016

Kettle Chips Chef Signature Burrata Mozzarella & Sweet Chilli Jam (Sainsburys) [By @Cinabar]

I was quite excited to find a new flavour from Kettle Chips in their Signature range. When I first saw these crisps I have to admit the first thought I had was that I was going to have to google Burrata at some point, and I say that as someone who thought she knew her cheeses. So it turns out Burrata is a type of soft cheese made from mozzarella but softened down even further with cream, for an extra delicate smooth finish. Who's have though mozzarella would need it. The crisps flavour combines that cheese with Sweet Chilli Jam, and specifically Stokes Chilli Jam as the two brands have collaborated to bring us these new crisps.

We decided to share them at lunch time and had them to accompany some sandwiches and goodies. The crisps are fairly red looking from their seasoning, if anything more so than in the picture. They smelt slightly spicy, and were quite pleasingly fragrant. Kettle Chips are fairly thick cut, and feel quite hard and sharp to munch on. This is supposed to be a sign of quality but if I'm completely honest with you I prefer crisps a little thinner cut... clearly I'm not cultured! :-D
The crisps were very tasty though, they were warm and spicy, and the ingredients from the chilli jam shone through. I liked the gentle heat, just giving them a nice buzz and the sweet pepper taste, worked rather well. The aftertaste was slightly creamy, which must have been the Burrata Mozzarella, but it was such a light taste and the chilli jam was full on and over powered it a little. Thats not actually a negative comment, I wouldn’t want to change these crisps at all, I throughly enjoyed the flavour, and it is one I’ll pick up again as they are a great lunch time accompaniment.

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Jenny said...

So jealous! We don't really get too many interesting flavors here in the States :(