30 March 2016

Gingerella Ginger Ale (Ocado @KarmaColaUK) [By @SpectreUK]

Gingerella Ginger Ale
Don’t tell Cinabar, but there’s something about redheads! Here we have a bottle of Gingerella. A name I’m going to find it difficult not to call all redheads from now on. Produced by Karma Cola in Herefordshire, this ginger ale was made with Fairtrade ginger from Sri Lanka, a dash of lemon, a touch of Fairtrade vanilla, a few spoonful’s of Fairtrade sugar and the promise of a fiery smack on first cheeky taste. On opening I was at first surprised not to have my nose hairs scolded by ginger. There was some lemon in the aroma, as well as vanilla mixed in with the ginger. On pouring the fizzy bubbly concoction the ginger shone through in the smell and I cheerfully felt my nose hairs curl. In fact I sneezed after my first tentative sip… twice. The fiery ginger hit my tastebuds first and the jumping dancing bubbles popped straight up my nose. The drink didn’t taste overly sweet to me, which didn’t distract from the natural flavours. The lemon and vanilla mixed well together were waiting patiently behind the passionate ginger spice as the flavours all moved into the aftertaste. All in all a very refreshing fiery fizzy ginger ale packing a passionate punch from Gingerella. I can just imagine the cat suit and whiskers!

Information on the bottle;

330ml bottle has 149 calories, no fat, 34.7g of sugar and 0.3g of salt. Ingredients included; carbonated water, organic sugar, organic lemon juice from concentrate, ginger, vanilla, and natural flavours from clove extract, and capsicum extract.

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