19 March 2016

Boris Citrov (Waitrose @SadlersAles) [By @SpectreUK]

Seemingly a fantastic character with a handlebar moustache who boxed with oranges for gloves, Boris Citrov has passed into legend and now appears on the label of this orange marmalade ale. At 4.7% volume this golden pale ale was brewed with English Maris Otter barley, American Amarillo and also Chinook hops and English First Gold hops. From reading the label I could tell that this thrice hopped ale was going to be a flavoursome treat. It made my mouth water in anticipation. On opening there was a definite orange smell mixed in with the malted barley and hops, as well as an added floral aroma. On tasting the three hops worked well together. There was sweetness in the initial flavour, a nod towards the floral hops, there was a light orange citric zest throughout which danced merrily around the bitter hops and also met the barley with a courteous bow into the aftertaste. This is a very refreshing beer the greets the spring and summer months. The label suggests lamb, duck and shrimp dishes, as well a marmalade bread and butter pudding. I'd like to add in most other fishy dishes, such as salmon, tuna steak, sword fish and bass, as well as a good Thai King Prawn curry. Oh, now I'm really hungry!
By Spectre

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