16 March 2016

Portlebay Popcorn - Wasabi and Sweet Ginger Popcorn [By @SpectreUK]

Portlebay Popcorn was established in Devon in 2012. I’ve seen some bizarre flavours laying around the shelves of the Foodstufffinds’s larder over the past few weeks, with Cinabar and her mom working their way through them. This Wasabi and Sweet Ginger Popcorn flavour caught my attention and I managed to save them from the other two Munchers, hiding them away in my squirrel corner.

I do like the way Portlebay market their popcorn. They proclaim only premium popping corn is popped in small batches with a splash of rapeseed oil and raw cane sugar to give it the unique crunch they call ‘kracklecorn’. They then sprinkle whatever seasoning they have picked for that batch.

I’ve tried various types of wasabi snacks in the past. Mainly wasabi peas and some wasabi popcorn, however I’ve never tried wasabi popcorn with sweet ginger before and the concept really appealed to me when I saw the packet. The promise of that special wasabi intensity coupled with the fire of ginger topped off with sugar sweetness. There was a sweet sugary smell mixed with ginger to start with on opening the packet followed by a mild nose hair tickling wasabi. The popcorn had a decent crunch with the sweet ginger hitting my tastebuds first and as I chewed the wasabi kicked in. Whilst this kracklecorn lacked the sheer wasabi burn that assaults the nostrils on first taste, it did have the sweetness I prefer from popcorn and the ginger complemented the wasabi very well indeed. It made for a perfect sweet and spicy blend of snack that would go down just as well in a bucket with a good film, as it did with my lunchtime sandwich.

Information on the packet;
25g bag at 100g 461 calories, with 18.4g of fat, 31.4g of sugar and 0.7g of salt. The ingredients are suitable for vegetarians and include no gluten (see photograph).

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