18 March 2016

Santa Maria Quick and Easy Pulled Pork Dinner Kit [By @Cinabar]

So we thought we'd try out something different for dinner, and the lovely folks from Santa Maria sent us their Quick and Easy Pulled Pork Dinner Kit to try out. It promises pork soft enough to be pulled in just 90 minutes.

Inside the pack was a cooking bag,mulled pork seasoning, tortillas, red onion seasoning and some barbecue sauce. To go with this we purchased a pork joint and a red onion. The instructions are easy enough to follow, you place the pork in the bag with the pork seasoning and a little water, mix it around a bit, and oven cook for 90 minutes.

Meanwhile chop the red onion and use the onion seasoning with this, then leave this to adsorb the flavours. It says the longer the better, but we gave it the 90 minutes.

When the pork was ready to come out there was a moment of worry that it would be difficult to pull apart, but the cooking bag had done its magic.

I've never pulled pork before, so grabbed a couple of forks and just tore in. The pork fell apart beautifully, it was no hassle at all, I have to say I was very impressed. Then all you do is serve the pork in the warmed tortillas, top it off with the barbecue sauce and onions, and anything else you want to add in. We had some crunchy salad, as I like a mix of textures and this worked really well. I guesing green peppers would fab here too.
The flavours were lovely, the pork was meaty and melted in the mouth, with lots of rich smoky seasoning. The barbecue sauce was sweet and spicy and the filled tortillas were an absolute pleasure to eat. I have to admit we hadn't really considered making pulled pork at home before, as we had the assumption that it would be complex and take all day to make the pork soft enough. Now we've tried it we are converted and it has added itself to our regular favourites. We were licking our fingers by the end of the meal.

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