14 March 2016

New Greggs Katsu Chicken Curry Lattice (@GreggsOfficial) [By @Cinabar]

We sometimes have a Greggs takeout as a weekend treat, picking up either sandwiches or one of their fab sausage rolls. This weekend I was all ready to pick up a tasty ham roll, when something at the counter caught my eye. Katsu Chicken Curry Lattice, which sounded quite adventurous for Greggs.
I've had Katsu Curry a number of times before, but usually in Japanese restaurants, it normally consists of a piece of breaded chicken with a spicy sauce and rice, so I was curious to see how that translated into a Lattice! I felt this was quite an interesting twist from Greggs, I associate them more with the cheese and onion pasty!

I took a bite in and was met with a very generous spicy chicken filling. The chicken wasn't breaded, but the lattice was sprinkled with a spicy breadcrumb, so they are doing it that way. I always like Greggs pastry and this was light and crispy and did the job perfectly.
The flavour was very tasty, with lots of spices, and a surprising amount of chilli heat. It was quite a hot snack, if I was going to label it I would put it on the side of medium-hot. It wasn't too much but it was punchier than I'd expected, particularly from Greggs. It did have a rather lovely creamy aftertaste, which helped with the heat, and gave each bite a pleasing smooth finish. I was pleasantly surprised with the Japanese twist in this lattice, and look forward to picking up another. Get them while you can though, Greggs have these listed as a Limited Seasonal Edition.
By Cinabar

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