2 March 2016

Fox's Viennese Whirls (Waitrose) [By @SpectreUK]

Cinabar first reminded me that these Viennese Whirls are not new, and then was taken aback that I'd never tried them before. I've always loved Jam Sandwich biscuits and Jammy Dodgers, but have never eaten Viennese Whirls. Jam Sandwiches are probably my all time favourite biscuit and I generally steal the packet away and scoff the lot. These Viennese Whirls by Fox's seemed a good place to start my road to new (to me) biscuit discovery. I have to confess that I am a greedy biscuit eater. My greed generally takes over and I pop whatever sized biscuit it may be straight into my mouth without biting. Strangely here I took a bite out of the first biscuit. It had a soft yet crunchy biscuit sandwich, with a creamy inner, and a good sized dollop of strawberry jam. The crumbly biscuits flavour hit my tastebuds first, with oodles of cream next, and then a delightful sweet kick from the strawberry jam. Unlike most biscuits I savoured these Viennese Whirls. However like Jam Sandwiches it was difficult to put the packet down once I'd opened it. My bad habit of sticking whole biscuits in my mouth was squashed, as I found the need to bite and savour these Viennese Whirls, and why not? They are indeed a fine treat for any biscuit connoisseur.

Information on the packet;
160g with 8 biscuits. Each biscuit having 114 calories, 6.8g of fat, 0.12g of salt and 6.3g of sugar. See photograph for ingredients.
By Spectre

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