9 March 2016

Hummus Crisps Tomato Basil (Waitrose) [By @SpectreUK]

Alternative snack time again and what could be more alternative to potato crisps or nuts than Hummus Crisps? I know some of you may be thinking "Blaargh!" at the moment, at it did cross my mind when I first saw the packet in our local supermarket. Made from chickpeas, to me hummus has always been the dip on a buffet's bread, biscuit, carrot and celery tray that is most avoided. Personally I always head for chilli mayonnaise or cheese and chives, leaving the hummus dip to the odd one out at the party that people look at funny when they head straight for it. A hummus sandwich was the butt of a joke in a recent satirical play we watched at the theatre, where the main character was starving and pleaded with the audience for something to eat and one member offered him a hummus sandwich. Suffice to say he didn't accept it! These Hummus Crisps had almost the same effect on me in the store. However the deep ingrained snack discovery mode that Cinabar has battered into me over the years forced me to pick up the packet.

A certain amount of avoidance followed until I noticed the packet was going out of date, and so here we are. Not exactly at a party, more ravenously hungry after a couple of hours at the gym, which always gives me the will to eat almost anything. This apparently includes Hummus Crisps. Fortunately I didn't have to eat them with hummus dip, because I doubt that I could ever be that hungry! On opening the packet the crisp shells (see photograph) had a lightly spicy tomato smell. Each shell had a decent crunch with a mild tomato taste mixed with the flavour of basil, chilli pepper and flecks of black pepper for spice. I actually found myself enjoying them after a few shells and noticed that they were very moreish and pleasantly crunchy. Not only that, but these Hummus Crisps felt healthy and I was convinced that a passerby or the regular party goer would not be able to tell that they were made from hummus, and that's no joke!

Information on the packet;
Produced my Simply 7 in Houston, Texas. 85g bag at 100g (so you'll need part of another packet) they have 162.1 calories, with 18g of fat, 2.5g of salt, and 3.5g of sugar. Ingredients contained no artificial colours or flavours, were gluten free and included; chickpea four, rice, potato starch, safflower oil, sunflower oil, corn flour, salt, whey powder, garlic powder, sugar, tomato powder, dehydrated bell pepper, paprika, onion powder, black pepper, basil, olive oil, sesame oil, lemon oil and malic acid.

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