25 March 2016

Pecan and Amaretto Brownie (Brown & Blond @BrownNBlond)

Every year at around Easter-time, my work holds a “Suppliers Fair”; the idea being lots of our current and potential Suppliers man stalls in our Exhibition Centre and talk to our staff about the goods and services they can provide. However, most of the people I know that go, have a wander over for a bit of a break from work, to see what freebies are on offer this year and a have a bit of a catch-up with friends and colleagues.
Now, I’m always a sucker for a freebie, and therefore try never to miss this event. I’m a picker upper of the branded stationary and novelties as well as the chocolates and competition entries, at the same time chatting to the representatives of the various companies – and in general it’s a pleasant way to spend an hour with at least some useful information being picked up along the way. (I actually did go with the purpose of talking to someone about buying a new shredder this year, but completely forgot once I got there, doh!)
Anyway, as we were just leaving, we passed by the “Brown & Blond” stall, with its stands of umpteen varieties of Brownies and Blondies. The stallholder offered us a sample, which we were happy to accept ;-). This got us talking about the Brownies and other things, and in the discussion I cadged one (in the name of work for this blog of course!) and the stallholder asked which variety I would like to try. I went for the one with the most nuts on top – as you can see from the photo above - Pecan and Amaretto – nom nom nom. He bagged one for me, and I took it home :)
So last night after tea, I cut the Brownie into four tiny squares to share with the family, and we all tried a piece…and all really enjoyed them. I’m a bit of a lightweight, so that amount of rich, chocolately, alcoholly, almondy nuttiness was about right for me, but the rest of the family would have liked a whole piece to themselves – so it must have been good! It was the perfect Brownie, crisp on top with a rich, almost bitter chocolate gooiness inside.
I had a look at their website (http://brownandblond.co.uk/) and it is full of fabulous-looking and sounding Brownies and Blondies, food porn at its best, I reckon! They also have an active Instagram account (https://www.instagram.com/brownnblond/) if you want even more foody goodness, and are on Twitter (https://twitter.com/brownnblond). They supply at various events in Yorkshire, so look out for them if you come and visit God’s own country, you’ll be glad you did :)
By Mrs Ux

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Claudia said...

I got one of their Black Forest brownies at the supplier fair (I'm assuming it's the same supplier fair!) - it was lovely :D